Miami-Dade County PCC | 2200 NW 72 Avenue | Miami, Florida 33152
Contact us: 305-470-0386 |

8701 World Center Drive
Orlando, FL 32821
Sunday April 26 - 29, 2020
8:30 am - 7:00 pm noon EST


Here is What You Will Discover

While we live in a high-tech world, mail remains the preeminent “high-touch” means of reaching out to customers, businesses and the world, and no one knows that better than our attendees! The NPF is the ideal way to stay in sync with all the advances and trends that affect the rapidly progressing and changing mailing and shipping industry.

South Florida, Broward County, Miami-Dade County and Palm Beaches welcomes you. This is the only event that brings together all senior level USPS executives, leaders of the mailing and shipping industry as well as the industry’s major suppliers and partners. You can’t afford to miss this opportunity to listen and learn from these champions of mail and shipping!

Gain knowledge about postal products, services, and tools to improve mail quality through workshops and events and earn a professional certificate to boot. Find new sources for mailing lists. Printing, database management, and more.

Welcome to The Postal Consumer Council

Kirkland Steve 2

Steve Kirkland

Postmaster / PCC Board Member

Postmaster Steve Kirkland has dedicated his entire Postal career in serving his customers. That is why he has formed a team of Postal Customer Counsel Members dedicated to just that. Steve understands the importance of team building to accomplish objectives to meet customer needs.

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